From Valbonne to Biot and back again

After the success of yesterday’s hike, I decided to up the ante. Typical!

And so, having sprayed the wicker bed frame (will it ever be finished?) I tied my shoes, picked up my map and decided to walk to Biot. 

According to the signpost by the Valbonne cemetery the route would take 3 hours and fifteen minutes. 

The first hour was familiar, I wound my way along La Brague, crossed over the fairy bridge and vanished into the green world beyond. 

The map was fairly vague and I took a couple of minor detours, paddling at one point to get across the river. Two and a half hours later, I eventually emerged at the top of a hill and walking down the road, found myself in Biot. 

The view was spectacular as the blue Mediterranean sparkled in the distance. I bought a well-deserved baguette and sat by the fountain to eat my lunch. Fortified I looked for a glass shop where I’d bought glass balls, glass being a speciality of Biot, but sadly it was closed. After looking around the village, I decided to start the walk home. 

My intention was to come back along a different trail but it proved elusive and as I discovered a trail from the main road, I ended up back along the river. It could have been worse, I’d been walking along the road for half an hour without a pavement, not the ideal situation! 

And so five hours of hiking later and I think about twenty two kilometers, I staggered back into the village. One small blister, some creaky joints and a pair of fairly tired feet. It had been a while since I’d hiked properly. 

I returned to the Little House Above the Boulangerie for a shower and a cup of tea. I suspect I’ll be feeling it tomorrow. 

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