Bed Restoration

A future career in the making perhaps?

I have now finished restoring (if that is the correct word) two antique French beds. Ring the village bell!

They were bought for a total of €160 and with the addition of a new mattress, a custom-made base for the wicker bed as it curves at the end (new words learned, sommier and demi-corbeille), man hours involved, the above mentioned beds are now worth thousands. And having just seen a similar wicker bed on the Internet for £995, I’m not entirely joking!

The Wicker Demi Corbeille – before
And after

Despite the frustration of trying to buy a base for the wicker bed, having to improvise on the mattress slats for the single bed as vintage beds are of course, a different size, I’m very pleased with the end results.

Poor old rusty single bed – before 
And now with shiny polished brass

Let’s hope the future guests agree!

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