En vacances!

I’m packed and ready and heading off to France this morning!

Hurray, two weeks in the south of France where I shall go brocanting, live on pain au raisin and fromage and get the Little House Above the Boulangerie ready for its first paying guests.

After a few very good weeks at work where I’m in danger of becoming too good (perhaps in my own mind) it’s time to disconnect and get out of London for a while.

En vacances!

Mexican Fiesta

Living in London I definitely miss the flavours of Mexico. Having travelled extensively in Mexico and having lived in LA for so long, Mexican food is something I love and is impossible to find in London. 

Having said that, I discovered soft corn tacos at Whole Foods. With ripe avocados for guacamole, black beans, spicy prawns, cilantro (coriander) and the essential ingredient, lime, I put together a four component Mexican Fiesta to celebrate the return of Letad. 
While it wasn’t quite as good as Baja fish tacos eaten on a beach in Mexico and washed down with a cold cerveza, it was definitely better than the other options available in London.
Ready for a taste of Mexico!


Finally the mortgage application seems to be complete and we have a valuation booked in for next Thursday. 

In the slowest property purchase ever, we appear to have taken the smallest step forward. Finally. 
If all looks good on the valuation, we should start to move towards exchange of contract. 
Fingers are crossed we keep moving forward.


This morning, for the first time in years, I heard a cuckoo. I was walking around Regents Park, the early morning mist hanging heavily over the grass while shards of sunlight pierced the haze and grey silhouettes emerged around me.

It had been years and yet instantly, the distinctive sound of the parasitic bird took me back to my childhood. Bedtime in the summer when it was still light, the sounds of the older village kids playing outside meant it was impossible to sleep and daylight mingled with the frustration of being a child.

And the sound of the cuckoo ringing through the woods.