Booty Buster

Today after work, I broke the ice and embarked on my first exercise class at The Fitness Mosaic, the new exercise place I signed up for. Ten days for £20. It’s fairly obvious what happens next.

Sure enough, I picked the Booty Buster class to embark on my new regime.

The first ten minutes were fantastic, it was back to the 90s with aerobic routines and music pumping. Yeah, feel the burn!

After ten minutes it was time to pick up the hand weights and then it was repetition after repetition. Up and down and round in circles and my arms were like jelly. Ouch, feel the burn.

Then it was the legs. Squats and lunges and then just when I thought I’d never walk again, time to work the abs. Or at least, where they should be.

The class ended and I walked down stairs. Slowly. Feeling the burn.

Nine more days. If I can walk tomorrow, I’ll go back for more Booty Busting.

Still feeling the burn…

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