Shake ‘n Step

Despite of course having overdone things slightly in Booty Busters on Tuesday and not entirely having the full use of my right arm, I rashly signed up for Shake ‘n Step.

I wasn’t sure it was a good idea but as the music started, I stepped back in time and before I knew it, I was back at my crappy old gym 24Hour Fitness in LA where I managed to do every aerobic class on offer. Apparently I have a slightly addictive personality.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t brilliant, there were times when I ended up facing the wrong way, had the wrong foot on the step or had to laugh at my complete lack of coordination but as it was my first cardio class in years, I was pleased I actually wasn’t too unfit. Dragging the Purple Duchess up the hill to Ally Pally may have helped.

An hour later I emerged. Red faced (almost purple) and dripping in sweat. It wasn’t pretty and as I walked home in my sodden gym clothes, I felt a bit embarrassed but I felt great for it. 

And for my next class… let’s see what the weekend has to offer.

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