A Hill with a View

After a dubious and disappointing breakfast, I set off to the biggest kids’ fashion trade show of the season to see the latest collections. 

Housed in an old fort, the setting was a welcome change from the usual convention centre. We walked for several hours absorbing the fashion, reviewing the competition and looking for inspiration before unfortunately lunching in the cafeteria due to time constraints. 

I was getting concerned about the food. This was Italy after all and I’d had three bad meals. Where were the delicious fresh ingredients I’d had on previous Italian adventures? The delicious fresh pasta, pesto and bread?

After lunch we had free time for a little sightseeing so I set off to meet Letad at the Boboli Gardens. 

I walked from the fort, past the main railway station, crossed the river at the Ponte Vecchio, an ancient bridge lined with jewellery shops and thousands of tourists, passed the Palazzo Pitti and eventually found a gate to the gardens. It was very hot and I was feeling a little overwrought. 

Climbing up the steep hill, I finally found Letad and we spent a couple of hours relaxing on the grass with a glorious backdrop of Florence. I still had no sense of the city having been by taxi from the airport to the hotel. 

A calming breeze soothed away a little of the stress and we decided to head back into the fray before dinner with my colleagues. 

A restoring glass of cold white wine (a familiar theme) was very welcome and we had a relaxed and much earlier dinner than the night before. Delicious food was still proving elusive but at least the dinosaur steaks were missing. 

And so with the work commitments honored, it was time to join thousands of tourists and explore Florence for the rest of the weekend…

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