The Saga of Norman

The perils of renting one’s house out to strangers means that there are inevitable damage and breakages. 

Things haven’t been too bad although it seems the oven is broken, someone has nicked the nice glass salt and pepper shakers and oil cruets, the hair dryer has gone, several glasses appear to be broken and one of my prized green glass bottles is missing albeit a small one. All fairly manageable although slightly inconvenient. 
Norman the goldfish however, appears to have thrived in our absence. He’s bigger than he was with a glorious tail, fatter and more energetic than before. We were innocently admiring his tail when the penny dropped, it was as though he was a different fish…
This imposter is the fake Norman, now named the Forman.
Where is the real Norman?
Now we wait for the ransom letter to arrive…

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