Politics à la Plage

As a bit of a stickler for etiquette, there’s a right way of doing things even on the beach. 

Arriving at the beach at the top of the Promenade des Anglais we politely arranged our towels a discreet distance from the aqua water. We hobbled carefully over the grey pebbles to swim in the temperate water before returning to our camp and relaxing. All was well. 
Before long however all was not well as the Russians invaded. Not being well versed in beach etiquette they plonked themselves down right in front of us, blocked our view and proceeded to have very loud conversations in Russian. 
And then it really was beach politics as the Americans moved in, complete with kids, stroller and toys. They pushed their way to the water’s edge and decided no one else was getting a look in. 
All we needed were the Germans!
We decided to swim and then sat in the pebbles in the surf. Victory, no one was in front of us. “We will fight on the beaches… We will never surrender…”
The Americans retaliated by changing their baby’s nappy next to us. Dirty tactics indeed. 
Game over!

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