Scott’s Restaurant

In order to celebrate our anniversary in London, Letad surprised me with lunch at Scott’s in Mayfair. 

A fabulous seafood restaurant frequented almost daily by Charles Saatchi and now girlfriend Trinny, it was the sight of the infamous Nigella choking and so as we sat at our outdoor table, we couldn’t resist reenacting the moment. Letad was Nigella. 
The day was sunny and warm and so I started with a delicious cold bass cerviche, my favourite flavours of cilantro, avocado and lime mixed with marinated succulent bass. Delicious. 
I had then ordered what I thought was a prawn cocktail but it appeared as a large pot of chilled, unshelled prawns. Fresh and delicious as they were, it was more work than I had banked on but worth it in the end. 
We sat for a while enjoying the ambient summer afternoon. Suddenly a taxi pulled up and that old creature of habit, Charles Saatchi (dressed in his uniform navy suit and buttoned white shirt) ushered Trinny into a taxi and off they went. So predictable that even the paparazzi couldn’t be bothered to photograph them. 

Our Scott’s experience was complete. Time to go home. 

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