Villefranche and St Jean Cap Ferrat

Sunday and despite overcast skies, we decided to head to the beach at Villefranche. Taking our new beach umbrella, we set up camp and had a relaxing lounge on the quiet beach. The water was cool but clear and refreshing and a couple of hours passed easily. 

Another group of Russians (seriously?) decided to park directly in front of us and with three feet between us, detracted from the peaceful afternoon. 
The sky was darkening so we decided it was time to pack up the umbrella and go to explore Cap Ferrat properly. 
There are three roads (corniches) wrapping around the bay from Villefranche to Cap Ferrat and driving up from the beach we discovered the back roads of the town. Higher and higher we went until we reached the top corniche. The views were spectacular, from Villefranche to the whale tail of the Cap Ferrat peninsula. It lay below us as we spotted our favourite beach and decided to head to the lighthouse and St Jean, a small town on the other side of the cap. 
Driving past the spectacular houses, the glorious Hotel du Cap Ferrat until we reached the old lighthouse at the point (le phare) it was the riviera at its best. 
Discovering St Jean Cap Ferrat, a small. quiet town on the far side of the cap, we stopped for a coffee and wandered around the small marina as the wind picked up and whitecaps formed on the usually benign water. 
It was a lovely area and again I felt Villefranche was the place to be. 
We set off back to Valbonne reluctantly. It had been the perfect anniversary. 

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