Flat Hunting – the update

I haven’t mentioned our hobby of flat hunting by bike recently. Between travel (Milan, Florence, Berlin, Valbonne and tomorrow, New York) and general lack of anything interesting to say, nothing was really happening.

By chance I stumbled across a property a couple of weeks ago and we rode our bikes over to see it. It was our unofficial London anniversary and we were going to Scott’s for lunch but we had time and thought, “Why not?” and so off we went, this time heading west to Maida Vale (well, sort of).

Maida Vale is a nice area of West London and property is expensive. We rode through the leafy, exclusive area of St John’s Wood until we reached the less leafy less exclusive part of Maida Vale, not far from Queen’s Park but on the other side of the railway tracks which makes all the difference especially to price.

The flat was what one would call a project, otherwise known as insanity. Damp on the walls, peeling wallpaper, walls to be knocked down, carpets to be ripped up, new kitchen, new bathroom, the lot. I suspect there may also be small furry animals and not in a good way. A bank repossession needing a complete renovation. Perfect!

Two bedrooms and a small courtyard garden made it appealing (don’t forget it’s London) and so we decided to make an offer.

A few days passed and we went to France. A few more days in which we heard a developer was interested and then yesterday, a phone call to say that our offer had been accepted. Yikes!

Time is of the essence. As it’s a repossession, the flat has to legally be shown to other prospective buyers so everything could fall through but they want a twenty eight day exchange of contract so perhaps there’s hope.

Suddenly things went from zero to warp speed in seconds. Within moments of receiving the phone call, all mortgage paperwork was complete, a survey paid for and a letter of confirmation arrived from the estate agents. We were all systems go.

If this one actually goes through (a miracle in itself) we’ll be looking forward to the winter of extreme discontent. I shall miss the free heating and hot water at the Little Flat in Chalk Farm and will be showering at work in flip flops. The joy. I’ll have a lot to complain, I mean, blog about!

Stay tuned, this one might actually happen!

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