The Marital Bed

On a day when it seemed like everything started happening, the lovely new marriage-saving marital bed arrived. Finally, a bed for humans!

I arrived home to find Letad surrounded by plastic, packing, screws, mattresses and bed frames. Bed knobs and broomsticks, literally. It was slightly chaotic but before long the bed frame was up, the midget bed was carefully packed underneath (I have become very good at arranging things in small spaces) and the bed was made. Oh the bliss. We decided to have an early night.

At first it didn’t seem much bigger. Another fifteen centimetres doesn’t sound like much and we wondered if we should have gone for the super king at 180cm wide, 50cm bigger than the midget bed, but waking this morning after eight lovely hours having slept on a brand new mattress, not having been woken by falling off the edge or one’s spouse tossing and turning in a doll’s bed, the decision was the right one.

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep. We might actually make it to our second anniversary now!

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