The Liberation of Forman

The whereabouts of Norman the goldfish has become one of the great unsolved mysteries, if not of the world, then certainly of the Little House Above the Boulangerie. 

For those who remember (or care) we were convinced Norman was replaced by an interloper and things haven’t been quite the same since. 
Norman was an exceptional goldfish who had been trained to survive on little or no food. He lived in a nasty glass cube (now referred to as the Fritzl’s basement of aquariums) and really, life was pretty grim. 
Still Letad was attached to Norman and was quite upset by his disappearance or demise. 
The new fish, Forman however was a different story. He wasn’t Norman and it didn’t seem fair (or humane) to give him the Norman treatment and so I convinced Letad it was time to liberate Forman in the village fountain. 
We cut a plastic Perrier bottle in half and carried Forman through the village until we reached the pond. Home to a number of orange koi and other grey fish (no idea what they are) we felt this would be a much better life for a small goldfish. 
We carefully poured Forman into the fountain and watched as he darted away waiting to bang his face on the glass again but it never happened and so he swam and swam in a pond as big as an ocean, at least to him. 
We checked on him a few times as we passed the pond and it seemed as though he was settling in. Certainly the smallest fish in the pond, he seemed to be blending in and it looked as though he had even made a friend. 
As Forman’s first night approached we wondered if he would be awake all night staring up at the starlit sky unable to sleep from the excitement. 
Whatever happens, it has to be better than living in the kitchen in a box. 
Hopefully he’ll still be there tomorrow…

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