Favourite Places

For our second day of sharing the Riviera, we set off to Villefranche.

Just around the bay from Nice, it’s a lovely fishing port with restaurants along the waterside. We love going and have a fantasy about owning a property there one day (it’s very expensive though so given our recent property history, might not happen for a while.)

We sat for a while and enjoyed coffee before driving up through the steep back streets to the upper corniche and the most spectacular view of Cap Ferrat. The true glory of the Riviera.

From there we continued around the coastal road until we reached Cap d’Ail. This was Letad’s choice, his preferred beach and so we set off down the many steep steps until we arrived at the cove below.

It is a lovely beach and so we set up camp, umbrella staked in the pebbles and towels spread underneath. We ate our rustic picnic and swam in the seaweed-infused water.

It was lovely but as time moved on I felt that perhaps we should repair to my favourite beach at Cap Ferrat and so we packed up, hiked up the hundred or so steps and drove around the bay to the next beach.

Ah bliss. No seaweed, no steps and crystal clear water. We sat near the water and whiled away another couple of hours. I’m definitely choosing Cap Ferrat!

By the time we decided to leave, it was getting late. We arrived back in the village to discover that parking spaces were like hen’s teeth due to the circus being in town and chaos ensued. Eventually a space was found, blood may have been shed (there were no witnesses) but all was well and so we set off for dinner at the Cafe des Arcades in the square.

We had a lovely evening and a good laugh with friends. Tired from the sea air and swimming it wasn’t a late night and before long the little house was quiet.

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