Best and final… again

And so back to Flat Hunting…

We made our opening offer on Monday and were told there were four other offers on the table, all at asking price and so we were going to best and final offers by 2pm on Wednesday.

This is where one makes up a random number and emails it blindly to the estate agent having absolutely no idea what the other bidders are doing. It’s incredibly frustrating but the only thing to do is decide how much one can afford to pay rather than getting swept up in the moment and offering above one’s means.

We emailed our offer this morning. It was our best and highest offer on anything so far and leaves us with 1p left in the bank. Luckily the flat doesn’t need much doing to it.

And so having prayed to the housing gods, done a visualization of us living in the flat, imagining the oasis we would create on the roof terrace, we now leave it up to fate (or the estate agent) to determine if this one is indeed meant to be.

Hopefully we’ll know later this afternoon.

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