The baby orchid

A year ago I was given an orchid by my work colleagues. It was my birthday present and while I’m not a lover of orchids (I’ve ended up with a stick in a pot before) I took it home and sat it on the kitchen work top.

It had two stems and bloomed prolifically. It seemed to like the ambient light and temperature in the little flat in Chalk Farm. So we watered it occasionally and left it alone.

I named it Octavia. Letad named it Barbara. And so Barbara-Octavia flourished all winter.

And then one stem withered and died. Octavia (or Barbara) continued to thrive as she flowered and grew new leaves.

And then in recent weeks, the flowers faded and a new green leaf started to grow at the top of the stem. Another leaf joined it and two roots sprouted. It would appear that Octavia (or Barbara) is having a baby!

We googled it last night and the correct term is Keiki – Hawaiian for baby and it is indeed a baby orchid. We now apparently have to feed Octavia (or Barbara) as she’s eating for two.

Hmm, that’s all we need, an expectant orchid. In a few months the baby can be weaned and put into its own little pot and it’s all very high maintenance.

And now we have to decide on a name… so far we have:
My choice: Olivia or Olga (continuing the O names)
Letad’s choice: Tracie.

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