English Dentistry

I confess, I was biased against English dentistry after years of living in the US. I had a dentist I’d loved for many years who never did anything to my teeth except nag me to floss and with a thorough cleaning twice a year, I was good to go.

For the past two years I’ve worried about finding a dentist.

Would they claim I needed work in the UK which I’d never needed in the US? Would I end up having a root canal and missing teeth (why do so many people in the UK seem to have teeth missing?) Would the hard London water with its limescale build up on my teeth the way it does on the inside of the kettle?

So many questions and so many recurring dreams of crumbling teeth!

And so all my fears were finally laid to rest last week when I discovered the amazing talents of my new dentist, Dr Gaynor Langley. I had a blissful cleaning with a water jet followed by a consultation and a very nice chat. 

My teeth continue to be fabulous (hooray!) I need to floss more (floss the teeth you want to keep – it’s a great motivator) and for an exorbitant fee but one which I’m happy to pay, I was out of the door and heading off to work, shiny white teeth intact.

I have declared my undying love and can only say I wish I could see her more than once a year. We could be friends, except I can’t afford it!

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