A Rolling Stone

All’s well that ends well it would seem. 

The pain passed and after a couple of good nights of sleep we’re all feeling much better.

The outcome… Letad has become born again and is now taking up yoga… again. He’s questioning the meaning of life having faced a “near-death” experience.

I, on the other hand, am now juicing anything green I can lay my hands on… and I must say the super-deluxe new juicer is a very impressive piece of kitchen equipment. 

For those who know (or care) it’s a masticating juicer which means it doesn’t heat the juice so you get more nutrients and by being a vertical model it takes up much less room and is extremely quiet. At the risk of being a juicing nerd, it’s also very easy to clean. Dare I say, I might even foresee a juice fast in the near future.

Of course it goes without saying that as Letad is born again (at least this week) we’ve given up drinking alcohol and with the end of daylight saving, we are now officially hibernating.

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