The Sabotaging Solicitor

Things have been progressing with the flat purchase and despite my feet being firmly planted on the ground, Letad has already moved in and redecorated… in his head that is.

This week we had a valuation by the bank to complete the mortgage. Tick. The application is now with the underwriter and we should hear back early next week. If all is good, we can move to exchange of contracts and then we’re locked in. After that, the final step is completion. We’re hoping if things go well, we’ll be bashing down walls (and having slug races) over the Christmas break.

We also had a full structural survey this week. It cost a lot of money and we haven’t had the results yet but given that the flat is a repossession and in need of complete renovation, better to be safe than sorry.

So things were moving along nicely until our solicitor went postal and threatened that we would pull out of the purchase if he didn’t receive papers from the other solicitor. Hang on a minute? Whose idea was that?

Our Sabotaging Solicitor has a history with the other solicitors and there’s definitely bad blood. After all the agony we’ve been through, this is not going to fall through due to the stamping of a tiny foot. 

I wrote a succinct email to him stating that we did actually want to buy the flat. I think the message was understood however if he doesn’t behave, he will suffer the wrath of a year and a half of flat hunting… be warned!

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