Off to the QPMP

Saturday morning and off we went on the number 31 bus to the QMPM or Queen’s Park Money Pit.

We needed to find the electricity meter and while we were there we pulled up a corner of the burgundy carpet to have a look at the floorboards. 

And then we pulled up a little more, and a little more and before we knew it, we’d ripped up all the carpet ready to be taken out next weekend. The floorboards were ok, there were obvious signs of damp but no visible rats or slugs, hurray!

After the carpet, it didn’t seem much to pull down some old curtains and tear off some of the old vinyl wallpaper. The good thing about damp is that wallpaper sort of falls off the wall, not ideal if you’re decorating but quite good if you’re stripping the wall.

After a couple of hours we decided we’d done enough. We don’t actually own it yet and don’t want to get into trouble if anything falls through.

We locked up and dropped the keys off before going on reconnaissance in Maida Vale.

So far no signs of buyer’s remorse.

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