Black Death

After a dismal trip to Homebase in the rain to buy the next step up in respirators, Sunday was spent removing wallpaper and discovering more wallpaper, from 70s vinyl to Victorian print (I am never wallpapering anything for future inhabitants to have to remove) and all the time, the rain poured down outside and, if the truth be told, the room we’re calling the wet room wasn’t exactly dry either.

I took my mask off to eat lunch and the sneezing began. It would appear I’m allergic to the money pit. Not really surprising.

After a few hours we had stripped off all the wallpaper we could in preparation for the damp and rot guys to come in and estimateĀ and so we got a bus home, in the rain, sneezing and feeling rather low. Did I mention Black Death?

The rest of Sunday involved hot baths, warm food and the heating turned on. We’re making the most of free hot water and central heating while we’ve got it.

An early night and I was miraculously recovered. I set off to enjoy a day in a clean, mould-free office (a relaxing contrast) while Letad went to get quotes in for the first stage of work.

I’m upgrading to a gas mask and we are all systems go.

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