And so ends another week…

After Monday it was right back into the fray. 

I spent the days at work putting digital glitter and sequins on to a bulldog for a new TV show. Despite my initial misgivings, it was surprisingly fun and the work week ended on a good note.

Luckily it was pay day (I hate being paid monthly) and so with a five minute online session, I paid off my credit card, allocated money for rent and bills and now have nothing left until December 15th. I suspect it might be a month of baked beans.

Speaking of poverty, we once again started discussing the Ten Pound Challenge, this time out of necessity. The added challenge, not having a kitchen or a bathroom. We’re pencilling it in for February.

And so tomorrow morning we’re off to the Money Pit to see if we can find the electricity meter and access the reality. We get the keys next Friday (all being well) and a man with a van arrives on Saturday so we can clear out the crap furniture left behind. Once it’s empty we’ll be able to get the first quotes for Stage One: Project Money Pot.

Either that or we’ll paint it white and stick it straight back on the market!

And so to Exchange of Contract

After one of the most stressful weeks in living history, a weekend of reading surveys and a morning of dealing with legal speak, we threw our hats into the ring and exchanged contracts on the QPMP. We hope one day it will be the Queen’s Park Money Pot instead of Money Pit.

The system is insane. There’s the exchange of contract followed by completion where money changes hands and keys are handed over. The completion date is November 21st. I think it’s the date of reality. In the words of the surveyor, the flat is wringing wet so it’s lucky I have a good pair of wellies.

If we can, we will try and keep Chalk Farm for a couple of months in order to deal with the damp and rot, my two most uttered words in the last three days and then we’ll be living in a tent in the garden.

It might be fun, it might be an adventure but I can pretty much guarantee it won’t be warm or dry!

Buyer’s remorse? Let’s hope not!

More bloody fireworks!!

Halloween, Bonfire night, Remembrance Sunday (a display of red and white fireworks) and now the top of Primrose Hill for no apparent reason.

I hate to be cynical but since living with a view of London, I’ve seen more fireworks than I can poke a stick at and I’ve become a little blasé about them.

Bonfire night, November 5th used to be the only time one would see fireworks. It was a special night with sparklers, jacket potatoes and the smell of the giant village fire. An exciting night of the year.

Perhaps as one gets older the thrill of the firework is less exciting or perhaps now there are just too many fireworks.

Or then again, perhaps there’s a celebration to come…


The QPMP or Queen’s Park Money Pit.

With the deadline approaching (we have until the end of play tomorrow) we’ve spent the weekend reading the survey and talking to people who know what they’re talking about.

A bedroom – comes furnished it would seem

In the meantime, I received some lovely pics which really show it off to its best advantage! For the squeamish, probably best to look away!

The outside – looks ok apart the bloke in the red t-shirt
The front room – could be a living room or a bedroom
Bathroom – not quite up to par
Love the decor

Kitchen extension

And here’s my take on what it could look like…

Imaginary floorplan
Imaginary living/kitchen
Kitchen to garden
Tomorrow is D-Day. Decision Day.
More to come…

The Christmas Penguin

With the release of the John Lewis Christmas ad, it’s officially the start of the festive season – Monty the penguin brought a tear to the eye and so we set off to Liberty in search of a few new Christmas ornaments.

It’s become an annual event. Suffer through the crowds in the Liberty Christmas shop to buy something pretty and glittery, decide whether to buy a new piece of furniture in the Liberty sale (20% off) and then try to get into the Christmas spirit. Scrooge!

It seems incredibly early to be doing this but last year the Liberty Christmas shop was completely cleaned out by Christmas and the pin cushion (my now beloved pin cushion) was last year’s furniture purchase. I’m tempted to go for a second sofa or an armchair which is hilarious given the current state of my bank account.

Still, we bought a selection of beautiful ornaments with an orange, pink and gold theme which started three years ago, amazingly I’d never owned Christmas decorations before!

We did the rounds of Selfridges and John Lewis. Actually bought Christmas cards. Forgot to get off the tube at Euston as we were so engrossed in the John Lewis Christmas catalogue and came home to discover the fragile pink glass bird was broken. Looks like we’ll be going back to Liberty tomorrow.

On top of all that it’s been night after night of fireworks, from Halloween to Bonfire Night and now on till New Year. 

And so begins the festive season!

Letad lives again

Having made it to Friday in the week of extreme insanity, one giant leap for Letad, back to the Royal Free Hospital for a CT scan.

A small lesion on the liver turned out to be a blood blister and so it seems Letad will live to see another day. Good news indeed and a nice cup of tea to celebrate.

A quiet weekend ahead.

The week of extreme insanity

When I said it was a pivotal week, I didn’t realize that meant a week of complete insanity. 

The flat purchase has spiraled out of control and with the discovery of damp and rot, leasehold or freehold, unrealistic deadlines and bullying tactics, we’re not feeling good. Trusting one’s gut instincts are important and everything about this is feeling wrong. 
We may cut our losses and walk away as there’s a whiff of desperation and the whole deal is starting to stink (of rot as it turns out). 
It has been a most stressful week, emails, phone calls, papers, solicitors, deadlines, decisions and dilemmas. 
I’ll be glad when today is over. I think a weekend in hiding may be on the cards.