Demolition Day

Saturday was demolition day. I can’t type much as I can’t actually move my arms and have no feeling left in my fingers. All I can say is that we did some serious bashing and made some serious progress.

Former bathroom bashed
Open plan bathroom
Clearing out the bathroom 
Bashing down the hall (hurray!)
Opening up the back bedroom
Through to the future bathroom
The feature meter – to be relocated
Ventilating the floor with a trowel
Rubble bags in the living room
Suited and booted… a vision in navy

It goes without saying that neither of us can walk. We staggered off the bus and into the bath to remove a thousand layers of dust.

We have a moving date of February 21st. We need a habitable room and at least a working toilet. At the moment there’s a bucket. Enough said.

 There’s a long way to go but so far so good. We’re making progress.

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