The start of the festive season

On Friday I took my team out for Christmas lunch to say thank you for a great year. We’ve worked hard and have delivered over seventy projects including style guides, retail pitches and fast fashion packs. I’m very pleased and proud of what we’ve accomplished this year and am ready for a break although how relaxing that is, I’m not sure.

We went to The Grain Store at Granary Square, near Kings Cross. A recently gentrified area formerly populated with rather less salubrious folk who currently frequent the area.

It was a cold Friday but we soon warmed up in the cosy atmosphere and what better way to feel festive than a nice bottle of Prosecco. Cheers!

The food was delicious and definitely worth another trip. I started with a celeriac and hay mousse tart, the lightness and crispness of which was unequalled. From there it was soft, flaky hake with pomme purée (or mash) and onions cooked at least four ways. Crispy little onion rings contrasted perfectly with a rich onion marmalade, while roast and marinated onions complimented the delicate fish. It was superb and despite my initial misgivings I ate the lot.

It was on the corporate card so we shared a couple of desserts, a pear and frangipani tart with vanilla bean ice cream, yum and a chocolate and red bean pudding which I confess wasn’t my favourite element of the meal. Coffee to finish and we were off to a good start for the festive season.

We went back to the office for the rest of the afternoon albeit slowly.

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