This week’s progress: Ripping off the Plaster

Greetings from the Money Pit where good progress has been made this week. 

Hats off to my brother in law who blasted off the damp and rotting plaster in preparation for damp proofing and funnily enough, even with exposed brick, suddenly things look and smell much better.

The original fireplaces were revealed and it’s not hard to imagine opening them up again. By next Christmas we hope to have a roaring fire in the sitting room.
Front room – fireplace
Bare walls – Sitting room 
From the doorway into the sitting room

I spent a couple of hours digging rubble out from under the floor boards with a trowel but five bags later felt it probably wasn’t the best approach. I think we’ll have to take up all the boards and dig it out properly. A couple of blokes with shovels might be more productive!

Front bedroom – original fireplace
The wall formerly known as the wet wall

Amazingly the wall we were calling the wet wall now feels dry. Once the sodden, rotten plaster came off, the bricks seem to have dried out. Hurray!

Back bedroom – exposed brick
Bags and bags

Good progress this week. On Monday we continue taking off the plaster and then it’s time for the damp proof course hopefully. Not bad for three weeks!

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