Putting the WOW back!

It was Christmas Eve and we set off to the Pit. We were meeting Mervyn the Structural Engineer at 8am. 

Mervyn became my new hero as he told us we could do everything we wanted to do. Hurray! 

It’s a case of lintels galore but we can move doorways, knock down the hall cupboard and take out a strange piece of wall in the entryway. Rather than accept a fee, Mervyn asked if we could make a donation to the homeless at St Martin’s in the Fields. It was really starting to feel like Christmas!

From there we ended up at Brent Cross talking to the kitchen planner at John Lewis. Another victory for aesthetics as we saw a 6′ wide kitchen in the showroom and came up with a fantastic plan. We can even squeeze a washing machine in.

Ignore the colors, otherwise a perfect fit!
Kitchen for midgets…nothing changes!

It was on the bus on the way home that we realized we could put a little wow back. We were originally thinking of putting in bi-fold doors and so, if we have to move the window to fit a fridge (as it appears we do) why not?

Just like this except for the view… think council flats

It doesn’t look like wow but it could be

Let’s see if the builders approve the plan!

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