Progress from the Pit: 100 Bags of Rubble

8am Tuesday morning and after a couple of well deserved days off, we set off back to the Money Pit to resume renovations.

It was a frosty morning and the ice glistened on the roads.

Despite the cold we had an extremely productive day taking out the under-stairs cupboard, knocking plaster off the bathroom wall, digging out the rubble from under the floor boards and filling one hundred rubble bags. Yes, that’s one hundred bags of rubble!

Knocked out under the stairs
Removed the lathe and plaster from the dividing wall
Rubble under the floors dug out (by hand)
Bagged for removal
What’s left?

We’re now ready for the electrician to come in and rewire the flat and we’re ready to start the plumbing. We are actually making progress despite the appearance. 

That’s about it for 2014 though as everyone’s on holiday. Back to the QPMP in 2015!

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