Perhaps I spoke too soon. After a stop-and-go trip to JFK with an annoyingly chatty driver who decided to give me business advice, I went through the usual pre-flight checks.

I ate a horrible salad and meandered to the gate in good time. Just as boarding was about to start, an announcement was made. There was a fault with the plane and maintenance were looking at it. 
In a horribly vague way, they announced they would make another announcement and a decision in another 45 minutes. Whatever that means.
They handed out meal vouchers (that doesn’t bode well) and so now I wait…
As luck would have it, the flight wasn’t cancelled and we left New York an hour and a half late. But who cared because I scored a row of empty seats, something I’ve noticed on American Airlines, and so spent five blissful hours stretched out in comfort.
Almost home.

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