A rose by any other name

Saturday morning and my plan was to spend the day up the ladder having a very firm word with the ceiling rose. By 9am I was at the top of the ladder. I came back down at 5pm absolutely exhausted, unable to raise my arms or turn my head but progress had been made.

I haven’t finished yet, I suspect I will be forever seeing another patch of plaster which I can clean and am now inspecting cornices in every building I enter, but I think from where I started, it has been worth it.

Not quite before – but close enough…
Stage 1 restoration
Who would have thought there was so much detail?

I am now showing anyone who will look the before and almost after photos. Have I shown you my ceiling rose? I am extremely dull but quite proud of my work.

And the good news is that it’s probably added a whopping £50 to the resale value!

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