Chalk Farm… a retrospective

By 3pm the Little flat in Chalk Farm was spotlessly clean and empty. It was a cold, rainy wet Sunday afternoon which captured the spirit of the day perfectly and there was nothing left to do except wait for the Dad of Letad to collect us and our basic supplies for survival as we embarked on being homeless. 

My thoughts turned to Chalk Farm, the past three years. 
From the first night when I was homesick for LA and could hear monkeys from London zoo, to the Agnes B days when I skipped through Regent’s Park in the spring. From the meeting of Letad to adventures in France. From the start of my job, flat hunting by bike and finally the purchase of the Money Pit. Too many memories to mention but always home to the lovely little flat with the spectacular view of London. 
I hope the next tenant loves it as much as I’ve done. I hope that Mousel, the very small mouse finds another sympathetic flat mate and I hope that Letad and I are as happy at the Money Pit as we’ve been at Chalk Farm. 
Not long now. 

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