Thar she blows!

I have to confess that despite putting my best foot forward (as much as possible) the bathroom has been somewhat plagued with problems.

The dodgy tiler did a pretty bad job and every time I sit in the bath I see more problems. The tiles are badly laid and horrors, the grout around the bath has already cracked. Nothing looks straight and it goes without saying that nothing’s actually finished. It’s very depressing.
My beloved floor tiles, much desired are badly laid and weren’t cleaned properly before he sealed them so they’re dirty. It’s heartbreaking as I know they could look so beautiful.
A few days ago I found a small crack in the brand new bath, how that happened I have no idea, I suspect the dodgy tiler did it though. It has a ten year warranty so however it happened it looks as though we’ll have to pull the bath out.
To top things off, last night one of the taps for the heated towel rail blew its top. The towel rail is no longer installed as the floor had to be leveled (and the pipes are now too short) so there are two taps coming out of the floor unattached.
I noticed a small leak and tried to tighten the nut. It wouldn’t tighten and when I turned it by hand, the whole tap came off. A huge brown geyser of boiling water sprayed the bathroom, up the walls, across the floor, everywhere. Oh my god.
I ran, panicked, shit, shit, shit. This was bad.
Under the stairs I found the stopcock and turned off the water, hopefully not to the whole building as we have that tap too. The geyser abated and the mopping began.
Upon closer inspection it looks as though the seal has gone on the nut. I will be trotting down to the hardware store as soon as they open in the morning to see if it’s something I can fix otherwise the water is staying off until a plumber can come.
The most positive thing I can think, thank goodness this didn’t happen while we’re in France next week. The entire house would have flooded and probably sunk.

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