A Day of Epic Proportions

Saturday and despite my best efforts, I couldn’t repair the tap so I remain waterless.

Having said that, I am employing genius tactics of reboiling the water from my hot water bottle to refill it. I was clearly born in the wrong era.
Despite the limited water, I worked hard and now have a patchy white bedroom to add to the collection. What a difference badly painted undercoat makes, from streaky brown plaster to gleaming white walls. I’m also high on paint fumes so that’s an extra bonus!
After the front bedroom, I tackled the back bedroom with sealant so the walls are ready to paint tomorrow. My goal… to leave here on Monday morning with everything undercoated except the imaginary kitchen. I may not be able to walk and I will say, it is bloody hard work especially the ceilings.

Still, I’m proud of myself for soldiering on and indeed surviving the last two weeks. It hasn’t been the most fun I’ve ever had but in the grand scheme of things, so what if we have to fix the bathroom?!
Clearly the wine/paint fume combination has made me strangely optimistic… 

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