The End of Stage One Undercoat

Having taped up the goiter with packing tape, the night passed uneventfully albeit slightly chilly and I awoke on British Summer Time to a rainy Sunday.

A most productive day was had and I completed Stage One Undercoat throughout. Even the bathroom which was slightly indulgent and along the lines of polishing a turd turned out to look slightly less shit so that’s a plus.
I even managed to go to the launderette and pop into the office for a shower. Hurray for a corporate job with showers!
And so with all that done, I’m almost packed and will be off at the crack of dawn to avoid annoying commuters with my luggage (or am I the only one who finds it completely inconsiderate that people travel with luggage and strollers before 9:30am?)
I suspect after ten days in the South of France a long way from a paintbrush, I’ll feel positive and refreshed upon my return and Letad will be ready to embark on Stage Two Undercoat where he gets to sand, fill and cover up my patchy painting.
What is it they say? A change is as good as a holiday.

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