Bedsit Supper

At the risk of being dull, tonight’s Bedsit Supper surpassed all others. 

A frittata or rather grilled omelette. Feta, grated courgettes and segments of green beans mixed with two beaten eggs and poured on to the grill. A quick close of the lid and voila, a light, fluffy, delicious omelette or frittata. Whatever it was, it was lovely and bedsit suppers have reached new heights. 
I may not be able to up the ante after this. 
To celebrate I cleaned the bathroom and installed the shiny new toilet seat as I was worried I was falling off the DIY wagon…. 

Meals from the Bedsit

Another successful evening on the grill. 

This time, sliced courgettes (or zucchini depending on location) topped with halloumi, green beans on the side and spooned avocado. Cracked black pepper and it was perfect. Yum, my ideal food. 

I’m not sure what my next meal is as I have eggs, avocado and courgettes left… I’m tempted to try a frittata. Can it be done? Stayed tuned as the excitement continues!
I don’t have a fridge so the challenge is to pretend it’s the war and shop every other day. 
I’ll also be hand washing clothes in the bath so I’m not sure which war…

Exciting stuff from the QPMP bedsit!

Living in the Queen’s Park bedsit

I am now installed in the front bedroom, the Queen’s Park bedsit.

I have an air bed, a couple of suitcases and a desk which is the kitchen. For cooking I have a Cusinart grill and a kettle which is covered with plaster. 
My first bedsit meal was a massive success if I say so myself. Grilled portobello mushroom, green beans, grilled halloumi and then, just to see if I could, a grilled egg. Delicious! So much so that I grilled rye bread and an egg for breakfast (with avocado to pretend I’m in Mexico). 
So food is sorted and I had a bath so washing myself is sorted.
The downside: it was absolutely freezing and I slept in four layers of clothes with two blankets and a duvet. Tonight I’m wearing a hat. Layer upon layer. 
Other than the cold, it’s tolerable… for a while. 
Off to pump up the air bed! 

Moving Day and the First Night

Sunday was Moving Day and so we packed everything and were out of the door by 9am. 

By 10am we were at the Money Pit, unpacked or rather, dumped everything on a piece of plastic and set off to the hardware store. 
We now have a tiled bathroom (almost) thanks to a nutter who Letad found on my 
He started on Saturday and explained that as he physically lives in the Ukraine to avoid paying UK tax, he’d doss down on our floor for the night. So that was a sleepless night for me worrying that he’d have changed the locks and moved his family in. 
Despite my misgivings, the tiles looked really nice and the bathroom is starting to feel like a bathroom. 
We finished the floors in the two front rooms and have varnished them so things look much better and we even started painting base coat in the living room. A giant leap forward. 
The night was spent on the air bed surrounded by boxes, suitcases and bin bags. It was a bit too real and a bit too cold. Light streamed in from a light outside and it was a fairly rough night. 
The next morning we had to get rubbish collected, return the sanders and Letad was off to France. 
I managed to get ready for work in a non-washed sort of way and we said goodbye for the next couple of weeks. 
My challenge, to make as much progress as I can before heading to France for a Renovator’s Retreat as I suspect we can’t keep going for much longer. 
Still, it’s home!

The dark before the dawn

Saturday was one of the hardest days we’ve spent in Money Pit as we continued the floor sanding and had a big push to move in. 

The learning curve on the project has been practically vertical and we both agreed that we would never sand floors again as it’s insanely hard work, noisy, dusty and impossible to achieve a professional finish. 
New DIY skill: how to fill cracks between the boards. 
Salvaged floorboards are hard to lay and there are inevitable cracks. By mixing sawdust from the floor with wood glue you can make a paste and use it to fill the cracks. Once dry it can be sanded and cracks and gaps are all filled. All good in theory…
So I did that and discovered that is also very hard work as it involves repeatedly standing and squatting so many timess that my knees were screaming. Glue and sawdust also makes a sticky mess so the blue womble suit is looking slightly the worse for wear. 

By the end of the day Letad had sanded the two front rooms. It was a stupendous effort and we managed to get two rooms cleaned and cleared for Sunday. 

The floor in the back bedroom needs a final sand and the hall is a beast still to be tamed. 

Progress though as we’ve embraced the rustic look and we’re ready to start sealing the boards. 

Operation Habitation

Gentlemen, start your engines!

My cheap new orange industrial vacuum has arrived. I’m fairly sure it won’t survive long but will hopefully save the Dyson from vacuuming plaster. Given that the Dyson freaked out over spilled quinoa, this seems like a good idea.  
We are going head to head on sanders on the last day that we can sand the floors. Letad departs for warmer climes on Monday and then obsessive compulsive vacuuming commences. 
Operation Habitation now begins.