Walls come tumbling down

Sunday and after a welcome sunny day in London on Saturday, we set off to get the furniture out of storage. 

It was a little premature but a large storage bill arrived and so rather than pay it, we decided to shift everything into the back bedroom. Everything except the sofa that is. 
I had been worried about how we were going to get the seven foot long sofa into the living room and sure enough my fears were not unfounded. 
It made it through the front door, squeezed around the corner and stuck fast in the doorway. Letad removed the doorframe and the plumber who was over reconnecting the water gave the sofa a huge shove. 
Like a cork out of a bottle, my beloved Liberty sofa popped into the living room taking a large chunk of plaster and the door lintel with it. 
Back to dust and rubble as the wall was broken. Some swearing may have ensued. 
Still, the sofa was in and hopefully not damaged. The idea then, to put in a bigger door so we can get the sofa out when the time comes otherwise it will be:
For Sale: Sofa and ceiling rose with two bedroom garden flat attached.

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