Devon and Back

Friday morning and we set off to spend the weekend in Devon with my sister and her kids.

We left our new carpenter Mr. George building cupboards and shelves in the hall (exciting progress) and set off by train from Waterloo. I was still at work so emails and phone calls kept me busy until we arrived. Why he is called Mr. George is a mystery but we’re going along with it despite the temptation to abbreviate.
Devon was glorious and in full summer bloom. Everything was green and lush and a far cry from our little prison yard! We explored a new village, visited the dog, ate an obligatory Devon cream tea and argued over cream or jam first. Still unresolved but apparently I’m Cornish.
We arrived back on Sunday evening excited to spend Bank Holiday Monday making renovation progress.
The cupboards weren’t finished but were looking good and so we decided how to spend the day. Letad would tackle painting while I would clean and organise the mess of tools and materials in the kitchen. Then we’d regroup and decide what else to do. All good it would seem.
I started tackling the kitchen and soon had it cleared. Back to sweeping up dust but it had to be done. I started moving things back in a nice orderly manner when I picked up the chop saw and suddenly something snapped.
The most excruciating pain, I had done something extremely bad to my back and collapsed on to the outdoor table while I struggled not to pass out. Eventually I managed to stagger inside and lie on the bedroom floor, walking was nearly impossible so I crawled to the bathroom, not easy when everything is in a state of construction.
I was very cold and in shock and so managed to ease my way into the bath. I stayed there for a long time mainly because I was stuck and couldn’t face getting out.
Eventually I managed to walk very slowly and very gingerly to the bedroom where I crawled on to the bed and haven’t been able to move since. I have a new respect for people who have slipped discs or back pain. It is extremely painful and incredibly debilitating.
And so now I’m stuck. I’m really not happy, the day is wasted and I have no idea how long this is going to last. It doesn’t look like I’ll be going anywhere for a while…

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