The Seven Sausages of Wisdom

Having barbequed in the now Prison Yard on the May Day Bank Holiday, Letad memorably ate the Seven Sausages of Wisdom. Some say they were the Seven Sausages of Extreme Greed and Gluttony although I wouldn’t say that of course.

They were supposed to provide sausage sandwiches with boiled eggs for the week but after I pointed out that there was no way to boil an egg, it appeared there was no alternative but to eat all the sausages. I’m still questioning the logic.
Suffice to say, it was a lot of sausage and there were repercussions. Luckily we didn’t end up in the A&E with gout…

Another brick in the wall

A sunny Monday Bank Holiday, a barbeque in the garden and suddenly it seemed like a good idea to take the brick wall down.

I honestly have no idea how it happened other than to say that one minute we were relaxing comfortably and the next, we were stacking bricks. It seemed to coincide with the drinks running out and the sun going in.

Halfway down we discovered a large vine which had infiltrated the wall and then commited suicide. 

And so the wall came tumbling down. Sort of.
Lovely view of the school car park and bins. 
And that’s just the first wall…

Now we get to rebuild it.

And so each morning we now have primary school children peering at us through the bars. Did I mention the prison yard?

Two trips to purgatory

It was the Bank Holiday weekend and so off we went like lambs to the slaughter, we went to IKEA Wembley. It was time to design an IKEA kitchen and hopefully save money.

Many hours later we had stage one complete and it was half the price of the HomeBase kitchen so that was a good start.
Tuesday night we returned and after many more hours, the price had increased considerably. 
I don’t understand how a room which is 6′ x 9′ and has six cabinets, a washing machine, a fridge, a cooktop and an oven in it can cost £7500. Seriously? And that’s the cheap kitchen.
And so we soldier on. I have set a deadline of August 1st to have the bathroom, kitchen, all carpentry and plastering finished. The prison yard (future Japanese zen garden in Kilburn) will have to wait until funds present themselves.
And so my idea of hell, IKEA on a Bank Holiday weekend. I suppose it could have been worse!

Earwigs or lice?

It turns out that we don’t have earwigs. Instead they are wood lice, misidentified.

The good news, they’ve only been spotted in the front room. The bad news, one was spotted on the sheet covering the sofa. 
Despite Letad’s attempt to call them “Woodrow” they can’t be cutified and there will be many dead Woodrows.
Wood lice are attracted to damp spots, apparently they don’t do damage but I’m still not happy about the new inhabitants and I’m hopeful we don’t have damp.