Genoa to Nice

I wandered around Genoa for a couple of hours trying to get a sense of the city. It must have been spectacular at one point but now seemed a little faded. 

Time passed quickly and before long I was back at the station boarding the train to Nice. 
The journey continued and eventually the train stopped at the French border. The train was inspected by security and tickets checked on both sides of the border as illegal immigration is rife. 

Before long we arrived at Monaco, Monte Carlo where the underground station was carved into a hillside. It still seemed like a glamorous way to arrive. 
From Monaco the coast became familiar as I recognized Cap d’Ail, Cap Ferrat and Villefranche, some of my favourite spots along the Côte d’Azur. 

I arrived at the Belle Époque station in Nice reminiscent of the glamour of the Riviera and walked out into the bright sunshine. 
Letad was there to greet me and despite having developed a nasty cough, I was looking forward to spending a relaxing weekend at our French house. 

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