A bit porky

After overdoing things somewhat in Paris, Florence and Nice (see Florentine cake for Brealfast) it was time to get on the detox bandwagon to get back in shape for summer, if it ever arrives!

Age is a cruel mistress and the metabolism has slowed a little but with a dedicated week of salad, spinach, eggs, tuna and no booze (my trusty tuna niçoise diet with lots of protein and no carbs) things are feeing much better. 
According to the bathroom scales I’m down five pounds in a week. I find that hard to believe and suspect the scales are lying but it works and psychologically it’s doing the job.
I’m determined to continue hopefully until I head to New York at the end of July. After all, I’ve got to squeeze into a bikini in August and there’s nothing worse than a fat sausage on the beach!

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