Having woken early due to a dry, irritating cough which has been driving me crazy for the past week, I had a dig back through the archives.

One of the things I love about this blog is that I have the past three years documented in a way that immediately takes me back to the moment. The move from LA to London and all the adventures since. Recently my stories have been a little DIY focused but there’s always something on the horizon and having spontaneously decided to go to Greece for a week in August, somewhere I’ve never been, a new adventure awaits. Albeit a hot one!
I may have slightly scuppered myself work-wise as I’m taking most of August off having already booked to go to France for two weeks so it means that July is suddenly very busy. And I’m heading back to New York towards the end of July for another bi annual manic work week followed by a sneaky weekend in LA as it’s been far too long since I was in California.
Lots of excitement ahead but first, a weekend in London with a work BBQ and a bit more DIY to keep things ticking along.
Now if only I could shift this cough…

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