The Prison Yard

The kitchen door and window are gone as we get ready to install sexy pivoting glass doors in an attempt to open up the back of the house. We put in a steel to stop the roof collapsing which sounds impressive but isn’t really. 

In the meantime we have boarded up access to the prison yard which gives going over the wall, a whole new meaning. 

This morning I climbed out of the window to have coffee outside. There was an obstacle course of rubble to reach the outdoor sofa and it wasn’t exactly pretty. 
Still, it’s only temporary and promises to flood the kitchen with light in the morning as it faces east. 

This week a guy measured up for the glass and light was revealed momentarily.  

Meanwhile it’s a bit like living in a cave especially as the weather is lovely this weekend and the doors should be wide open. 
Not long till installation hopefully, another step forward…

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