The Tropical Bikini

From one extreme to another, Saturday was glorious, hot and sunny. 

That was it, I bought a bikini for Greece in a shop for teenagers which I shouldn’t be going into. A moment of madness saw me trying on and liking a tropical print (yellow with hibiscus flowers and palm leaves) 40s style (think big pants) bikini. 
I’m fairly sure they had skinny mirrors in the teenage shop as suddenly I looked much thinner than I had last weekend on the beach in Antibes and the bikini, which I normally wouldn’t have considered, looked quite good. And for the bargain price of £15, it’s not much of an investment. Watch out Greece, it’s Carmen Miranda. I shall be wearing fruit on my head at all times!
Of course on Sunday it poured with rain and the last thing I was doing was wearing a bikini. Typical bloody English summer! And so I reorganized the boxes in the back bedroom. 

Practically the same thing!

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