The Cali Mani Pedi

Part of life in California is the obligatory mani pedi and unlike London, it doesn’t cost a month’s salary.

I used to go regularly and, at the time, it was $25 for both but since moving to London and becoming a renovator, nails haven’t exactly been a priority and it shows. 

With trips to Greece and France and a family wedding on the horizon, something had to be done. 

I went back to Lincoln Nails, the old salon I used to go to, where the Thai or Vietnamese girls would laugh at my arm (and toe) hair. It was never luxurious but it did the job. 
This time I had to laugh as my toes haven’t been touched for a long time. The poor girl facing my cuticles certainly had her work cut out for her, poor thing. 
I wished her luck then sat back and relaxed.  
Next stop, the airport. 

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