A Wet Sunday

It always rains in the South of France when I’m here, and Sunday was no exception. The grey skies, cool breeze and soft raindrops were a welcome relief after the heat of Saturday.

We spent the morning clearing out and boxing up stuff and then went for a Sunday drive to look at houses. Always a favourite pastime.
Grey skies in Valbonne
We meandered down La Colle Sur Loup, a lovely drive along the river from Nice to Roquefort les Pins and then on to Biot where the festival de St Julien was going on. It seemed to consist of pastis-sodden locals playing a version of boules with blue and yellow wooden cubes. Much hilarity was had by all and hat wearing appeared to be essential!
We spotted the perfect house in Biot but soon discarded the idea as the price was astronomical. At €1,950,000, not exactly a bargain and it needed a bit of work as well!

And so after that, time to head back to Valbonne for a quiet Sunday evening listening to the rain.

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