Partly Framed

Having cut the very large, very fragile antique frame into four unequal lengths, the problem was going to be how to get it home to London. 

Not my brightest idea I’ll admit but it looked as though it would be impossible for me to carry all four pieces. 
I glued the various bits of the jigsaw together having a little more damage than anticipated before carefully bubble wrapping and taping the two shorter pieces together and then did the same for the two longer pieces. Then with brown paper and string I wrapped both parcels and tied a string handle to each. Slung casually over the shoulder, it could pass for a bow and arrow, gun or similar piece of sporting equipment. Nothing too obvious or concerning then!
I set off with the two short pieces leaving Letad to handle the longer lengths when he follows later in the week. 
Luckily I wasn’t flying EasyJet where the one bag policy is very strict. With Monarch I walked through with a rolling suitcase, a basket with a new bath mat, blankets, lavender and soap and a large suspicious looking brown paper parcel slung over my shoulder. And not a peep. Victory was mine!

We shall at least have half a very fragile, slightly damaged antique frame for a mirror in London. 

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