One of the perils of renting out our French house is the trusting of strangers. 

We have a damage deposit and a cleaning fee and for the most part damage has been minimal. A few random things have gone missing (why would someone take our salt and pepper grinders?) but overall we haven’t had any problems. Until now. 

In July we had a short notice booking through Homeaway. I was reluctant to accept however the money would be nice and so we went ahead with booking. 
Despite our misgivings things seemed ok until we didn’t get paid. We were told the holder of the credit card claimed the charges were fraudulent and so the money received would be transferred back to the card. What?
To top it off my favourite hat has been stolen, all our snorkeling gear has gone and a brand new pair of Letad’s shoes have walked. There’s probably more but it hasn’t been noticed yet. 
We have filed a dispute as frankly, it’s an outrage. We are now having to pay for being robbed as the card holder is owed £300. 

I’ll be cancelling our listing with Homeaway after this. Shame on you Homeaway. 

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