To the Handi Plage

One of my secrets to the beaches of Nice is the Handi Plage or handicapped beach. At one end of the Promenade des Anglais, not far from the airport, the Handi Plage enables wheelchairs to access the water. It’s also the quietest part of the Promenade and one of the places I like to swim. 

On Saturday we went down to the beach later in the day; at 5pm the heat had gone from the sun and it was the ideal time for a cooling swim. 
We decided to walk along the Promenade for an aperitif in the old town not realizing quite how long the Promenade is to walk. 
An hour later we made it to the Cours Saleya, the pedestrian area in the old town where we sat down gratefully and enjoyed a drink. 
People-watching was fantastic as the locals were gathering and all types of people were out and about. 
We would have stayed but with a long walk back to the car, we reluctantly set off back along the Promenade. 
The full moon had risen and hung over the backdrop of the port in an indigo sky. The light glinted on the water as a busking pianist played and the romance was captured perfectly. 
We walked back to the car with progressively sore feet but agreed it had been worth the walk. 

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