Lest We Forget – the ballet

This week we went to Sadler’s Wells to see a ballet about World War 1. Lest We Forget – the ballet. 

It sounded interesting and while slightly skeptical, it turned out to be one of the most amazing and moving moments of dance and performance we’d ever seen.

It was a three part ballet. The first part was quite traditional with women working in the munitions factory while the men went off to fight. Things changed dramatically during the second and third acts as the dance became more contemporary and emotive.

During the second act the lighting was ingenious as the play of scale was emphasized by red and blue lighting. It was 3D ballet. It was mind blowing and by the third act, I was an emotional mess as the interpretative dance of post-traumatic stress was incredibly beautiful and moving. Hard to explain, perhaps you actually had to be there.

By the end we were speechless. It had been incredible and words couldn’t capture our feelings.

Afterwards I went to the loo (before the inevitable trip home on public transport) and came out to discover Letad had joined a private party and was happily enjoying free wine and bowls of risotto and meat balls. Can’t leave him alone for a second…

We ended having to stay for the speeches. It turned out to be the Dancers’ Career Development www.thedcd.org.uk. How do I know that? Because Letad nicked one of their pens.

Thank you Sadler’s Wells!

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