A moment of madness

Having recently discovered a programme called French Collection, we’ve watched a few episodes on Channel 4.

The premise… contestants go to France, buy old furniture, bring it back to the UK and sell it. Sound familiar?
Apart from the selling part that is, which is a somewhat crucial part of the show as three people compete to see who makes the most money. 
The weird coincidence, it’s mostly set in the South of France, and a couple of episodes were filmed in… Valbonne!
And so after watching a couple of episodes, I decided in a moment of complete and utter madness that I would apply to be a contestant. What was I thinking?
I sent off a quick and fairly witty email about how I carried a chandelier back as hand luggage and how I’ve been banned from buying any more green glass bottles and next thing I know, I have an audition on Friday!
Did I mention I’m absolutely useless at haggling and selling? Apparently I forgot that bit. 
Again, what was I thinking? This is possibly one of my worst ideas ever!

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