Two Days in Madrid

Two days later, I’m exhausted and heading back to London. 

We sampled the delights of Madrid, from the largest Primark superstore to the Prado museum. We saw bonsais in the Botanical Gardens and Picasso’s Guernica at the Museo Reina Sophia. 
We discovered a fantastic food hall in an old theatre where we ate delicious tapas before doing competitive analysis of high street fashion. And along the way a large display of green bottles put my collection to shame. 

Despite a long day, we soldiered on and ate dinner at a traditional fish and seafood restaurant where the oldest people of Madrid seemed to be regulars. We arrived first and left last having tried a variety of dishes. 
And finally, having eaten a lot of Spanish omelette which is very delicious but with hardly a vegetable in sight, it was a relief to sit down and relax on the flight home. I’m not sure how I’ll cope with Tokyo for a week.  
And so three weeks before I go to Tokyo. A lingering cold and now the unwelcome return of kennel cough. Hopefully it won’t stay long. 

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